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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

And Happy Birthday to all who had birthdays this past month, you know who you are! ;)

I had a random story pop into my head this morning around 4:30am. that's right around the time James usually gets up to go to PT (physical training). only over the last couple of weeks they've been learning combatives which basically means they learn how to protect themselves if they run out of ammo, lose their weapon or whatever, you know stuff that i'm glad he's learning but hope he never has to use. but none of that really has anything to do with the story that popped into my head except the time. anyways my point is that if i can collect my thoughts about it i may post some of it later on so maybe i could get some feedback from you.

in other news Kingdom of Heaven totally rocks my face off! James and I watched it again last night, a definite must see for those of you that haven't. that movie also kinda freaks me out because there are a few times in it where Orlando Bloom looks just like my brother, Jared, it's crazy! my mom and husband think so too. if you watch it, you'll believe! well maybe not but that's not for me to decide.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

rumors and such

well there is a rumor going around James class that we might be moved out of this hotel room into another hotel room on post (the army base). it may be nicer than the one we are in with more stuff, like an oven, or it might be similar to what we are in right now only with no internet. i hope if we are moved that it will be to a nicer place, however our experiences with military "housing" hasn't been a good one. even when James was in the air force we had bad experiences and they pride themselves on being the most family friendly of the service branches so my hopes are not very high. oh well, we don't have much choice in the matter unless we want to use our own money to stay somewhere else and i shouldn't complain too much since we do have a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in and food to eat. ah, life in the military. =P

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

music in video games

i have decided that i really miss having my piano around. i have been inspired again by video game music to continue learning how to play. unfortunately i won't be able to pick it back up until we get to Germany and that's only if our stuff doesn't fall into the ocean on its way there! what sparked my recent longing was one of the guys in James class told me about a website that has all kinds of video game music that people, some really talented, have redone in some form or fashion, either with all piano or some piano and guitar and other instruments, etc. anyways some of it is really really awesome and whether you play video games or not you should check this site out and listen to some of the Final Fantasy music. i'll put up some of the songs that i really like for you to check out. to get to the website go here once there click on the search button. on the new page that comes up there should be three boxes you can type in one labeled songs, one forum post and the last users, pay no attention to those. above the songs box there are five links one of the is Game, click on that link. the next page is a list of games, scroll down until you get to F then you'll see a ton of Final Fantasy links, click on any of them (i usually click on Final Fantasy 6). this will bring you to yet another page with a long list of songs and the artists. now if you want or have the time to you can scroll through these songs and find the ones i'm about to list and give them a listen or not, obviously that's your choice. however you'll be missing out on some really cool music. I believe the songs are listed by artist then title then what game they are from and i'll try to do the same so hopefully that will help you. okay here are some of my favorites -- clay-prelude for piano (final fantasy 6), cronomatic-Terra~Pseudo-Live Mix (final fantasy 6), trickwaters-Final Fantasy Prelude for Two Pianos (final fantasy series), Eric Barker-Freya: Burmecian Spirit (solo piano) (Final Fantasy 9), goat-The Sky Was Never A Limit (final fantasy 4), and Ashaman-Carol of the Final Fantasy Belles (Final fantasy 10, Final fantasy 5, Final fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 9, Parasite Eve). thats good for now and if you find you like those i've got some more that are pretty good but those are my most favs! also the last one, Carol of the Final Fantasy Belles is a really cool mix of the Christmas song Carol of the Belles (i think thats the name of it) and Final Fantasy music so you may recognize some of it. anyways enjoy!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

random info

James and i just got back from seeing the movie Doom. it was pretty entertaining though not one i would recommend for small children or any children for that matter. anyways, i got distracted last night and therefore didn't post anything else like i was planning. i realized that not everyone knows my situation at the moment so i will enlighten....

my husband, James, is in the Army. he started out in the Air Force to be a pilot but that didn't work out as we were expecting (long story) and God moved us (him) to the Army. while he was in the Air Force (AF) we lived in Columbus, Mississippi for about a year and when James was doing his transfer to the Army we found out we would be living in Aberdeen, Maryland while he learns what his job will be. he's going to be an Ammo Ordinance Officer for any Army buffs out there. anyways, that's where we are now, MD, only not living exactly where we thought/hoped we would be, no in fact we are living in a hotel room. i now know how my dad felt living in New Mexico for as long as he did though i think his room was more equipped than ours is. we have two rooms, a bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a kind of kitchen. a kind of kitchen meaning there is a small fridge, small microwave and a small sink, see a theme? yea. not the most fun thing to do for about 5 months. we've already been here for 2 and will be here until at least the beginning of February. on the up side the town of Aberdeen, though smaller, is much nicer than Columbus, Ms (there's a Target here!!) which makes me happy. plus the Army is footing the bill on the hotel which is nice. we were also turned on to a wonderful PCA church here by one of the guys in James class, which was another thing Columbus lacked. the church is really great, the preaching is excellent, everyone we've met so far have been really nice and we've been over to a couple of their houses for lunch. in fact we went to someone's house today for lunch so it's a very warm church.
back to the Army thing before we left Columbus we also found out that the Army is going to send us to Miesau Army Depot in Germany after James school is done here. he has a report no later than March 1, 2006 which means we will definitely be in Germany by March next year if not before, so that's pretty exciting. we'll be there for two to three years from what i understand which means lots of time for leah to explore Europe!! Yay! i've never lived anywhere outside the US let alone even visited anywhere so i'm really looking forward to seeing Europe. i'm sure this blog will be a little more exciting when we get there seeing as how my days right now consist of reading, knitting, cross stitching, writing, screwing around on the internet, playing lots of video games and watching TV. exciting, i know!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

just trying it out

well, i have a blog now just like half the people i know do only they are better at writing than i am so if nothing else my blog will be different from theirs in that respect. in any case i figure this is a good way for those that want to keep up with what's going on in my little world can without having to call or write or those that don't have the time to do either can stay up to date. i may or may not post again later right now i'm just trying this thing out to see how it all works. i can apparently put pictures and voice stuff on here if i really feel like it and can figure out how, so time for me to play!