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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Well, today is the day we're leaving for Germany!! In fact my parents will be driving us to the airport here in just a couple of hours! It still hasn't hit me yet and I'm thinking it probably won't hit me until we get off the plane in Germany and even then I'm not sure...craziness!

Anyways, James and I got to Marietta Feb 1st and spent a few days with my parents. They threw us a going away party and invited some friends and soon to be family (Jared's soon to be in-laws) and had yummy snack foods and such. I had a really good time and James seemed to enjoy himself as well. I was glad to see everyone that came to send us off, good times! And thank you to everyone that did come, it was really awesome to have you all there.

Then on Feb 5th, Sunday morning we went down to Warner Robins to spend time with James folks. We had a really nice time with them, got to watch the Super Bowl with them and some of their church friends that we'd met before, it was fun! James actually won $8! WOO HOO! We also went to the movies one of the night we were there and saw Glory Road. It's a good underdog type story, similar to Remember the Titans and movies along those lines. We also got to see the new Zorro movie, it was very entertaining, probably more so than the first so if you liked the first one you'd probably like this one as well. The little boy in it is awesome and he's so cute! Good stuff.

Well the next time you guys here from me we'll be in Germany! We'll be flying into Frankfurt and from there, I just don't know. Our sponsor is supposed to pick us up from the airport and take us to where we're going to stay so who knows. :-P We should be getting there around 8am and we'll be six hours ahead of the Eastern time zone. Love you all and if you think about it please be praying for us over the next few weeks or so and I'll keep you as updated as I can until we get officially settled into a home, YAY!