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Monday, December 24, 2007

So it's Christmas

Well everyone it's Christmas time again! I hope this finds you with those that you love around you and the happiness that brings you. James and I are spending Christmas with each other this year, just the two of us. So far it's been very uneventful and pleasant. We bought our first Christmas tree about three weeks ago and had to wait a little over a week to decorate it as we were being sent lights to put on it from my family. (thanks again for sending everything) But now it's decorated with all the ornaments I've collected over the years from friends and family and the ones I "made" for James the year we were dating (first time we've been able to use them!) I'll post a picture of it 'cause it's a really pretty tree now with all it's trimmings, we are proud of it anyways and think it's a good first tree! Plus there is a HUGE stack of present underneath it, woo hoo!!! ;) Okay, so that's not really the important part but is does show how much our family loves us even from far away! We miss you all and wish we could spend this time with you.

this is an old pic of the tree, before the HUGE stack of presents! I'll update it later...

As this year comes to a close we have a new addition to the family (Luke August Leonard) who was born on Dec. 3rd with another one soon to join us (Abigail Elizabeth Camealy, Kris, forgive me if that's not right...). We are excited about her arrival as well in the next few days and look forward to the day we meet them both! :) Also as the year comes to an end, we face a deployment though there is still nothing official it's looming over us like a hurricane or tornado before it lands. All I know is neither of us want it to happen but both are confident that God will keep us through it, even knowing that, I still have no peace with the situation. Please keep us in your prayers regarding this, as always we need them and they are much appreciated, thank you.

In other news, this past year we've had the honor of family coming to visit us! Aunt Carol and Uncle Ralph (James' side) came in mid Feb. and stayed for a couple of weeks while we were still living on the other side of Germany (close to France). They did some travel on their own time and we went to a few places with them when James had time off from work. Otherwise we tried to show them a good time around K-town with all the yummy food we had access to! I think they enjoyed themselves, we sure enjoyed having them! :D Then in October (after we moved to the eastern side of Germany) we were blessed with a visit from mom and dad Jardin for a few days. We too tried to show them a good time while they were here, took them to the Bavarian Alps and right before the left showed them around our old stomping grounds in K-town, even showed them the house we lived in! It was really great to have them here too and we were sad to see them go.

Also this past year James and I have tried to continue our travels, it was a little difficult however since we had a move mid year. We did get some travel in though, we went to Paris earlier in the year then after the move we went to the Alps I believe 3 different times, went on a couple of tours while we were there. We also in November made it down to Greece! Not many of you may have known that simply 'cause it wasn't a long planned thing for us, we planned it literally a few days before we left! But we had a good time while we were there, saw some neat things and walked around places that the Apostle Paul walked, so it was pretty cool!

All in all, despite the army and being so far away from everyone we love, it's been a good year. The new year doesn't look as promising as of now but God is good and that's what I'll be leaning on so in the end it doesn't matter, we'll be cared for! In light of that how blessed am I to be His daughter and to have the gift of His holy Son as my salvation. That's what really matters this time of year, not how much "stuff" we get or the food or the resolutions that we won't keep. Christ left His glory in heaven to be with us, that's all the gift I'll ever need and thank God for Him!

Celebrating (from afar) Jesus with you all this holiday! Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Years! To them fam. we love and miss you guys tons, give everyone love and hugs from us! Merry Christmas!