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Saturday, November 18, 2006

WAA HOO ROME PICS!!!!!!!!!!!

One view of the Colosseum from the inside
The Colosseum from the outside, or at least part of it
Inside St. Peter's Basilica
Outside on top of St Peter's Basilica

Aight, so the first two pictures I'm sure you can guess are of the Colosseum...very cool place. The next two pictures are of St Peter's Basilica (sp). The first one is inside towards the very back of the building. You can't really see it very well but in the middle of the orange glass is a dove...I just love how the sunlight is piercing this picture. I have another one that's similar to this pic only it's further away, still cool though. The other one of St Peter's is from the top of the building, you can go up to the top of the bigger dome and get a great view of the city, it was breath taking, literally, 'cause you gotta climb 300+ stairs! The very last one (the only one I didn't snap, my hubby did) is of the Trevi Fountain at night, it too is a sight to behold. There were always tons of people hanging around there, too many for my taste, and James says that after the World Cup there were tons of people dancing and jumping in the fountain itself 'cause of course Italy won. Anyways, these are just a small taste of the many pictures we took on our trip. I'll put up more later along with a very long post about our adventures around Rome. For now enjoy the pics!