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Monday, September 18, 2006

Wine Fest

I experienced my first wine fest last Saturday. Now before you think anything else, I only had two glasses of wine over a period of about 6 hours and I didn't drive. Alright, so we were invited by an LT that James works with who ended up not showing up for whatever reason. It was held in a town that's about 30 mins. away from our house and we picked up another couple who the husband used to work with James and went on our merry way to the festival. The festivals in Germany (at least in this part) are kind of like fairs for us stateside only in a smaller area. But they have rides, games, food of all kinds, drinks of all kinds, and of course wine since it was a wine fest.

There were about 36 different tents that most had the same 7 choices of wine but there were a few here and there that were privately owned, I guess. Among the tents were rows and rows of picnic tables for people to basically sit and drink at all day. So we get there at around 2pm and went to try and find the group of people from James' work that were supposedly there. On our wanderings we bumped into some captain chic that is from the same company as James and she told us that tent number 9 was the place to be, so we assumed that meant that was where everyone was. We eventually made our way to tent 9 and got ourselves a glass of wine.

Interestingly enough they weren't serving the wine in typical wine glasses. They had two different size glasses you could pick, one was a half pint, the other was a pint! I couldn't believe it! That's a crap ton of wine! As I said before I only had two glasses, the half pint, both a ways apart with food in between so I was fine. Our friends that we brought with us however...Well the wife (Sarah) was a little drunk. I think she had maybe three glasses, 2 pints and 1 half pint, I could be wrong but I think that's all she had. Her husband (Chewie) on the other hand had at least 5 pints maybe even 6, that's like 2 full bottles of wine to yourself! At least!! We heard he wasn't feeling so hot the next day...Anyways it was a lot of fun, we got to see more of the German culture which was interesting.

OH and one of the food things I/we ate was this crepe that was filled with Nutella, oh it was super yummy, very rich but yummy. But when we were in line to get our crepe, we were clearly in line and this woman walks up and after the guy in front of us left she told the lady her order, I wanted to slap her upside the head 'cause she looked right at us!!! AND THEN, these two little kids, a boy and a girl, got in front of us too! They just walked right up and stood right in front of us, the little jerks. I looked at James and said "This is unbelievable!" And he replied, "Yea, I want to punch this kid in the face!" Not really of course but that's how annoyed we were. So after the lady that "cut" in front of us was done with her order James talked over the kids heads and got our order in before the little jerk kids. And then they had the nerve to look at us like we broke in line in front of them!! I wanted to slap them too!!! GRRRR! Oh well, that's the way it is here...Nonetheless we had a good/interesting time. Apparently the next couple of weekends there's another big festival called Oktober Fest, which happens in October (obviously) and it's the big beer fest that everyone always talks about here. I dunno if James and I are going to check that one out or not, I think it's in Berlin. Anyways, I'll let ya know if we end up going. And for our next big trip we've decided we want to go to Rome, so I'll keep you posted!!