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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Old Poems

I came across a few of my old "poems" today and thought I'd share a couple with you! The first to I actually got published though I don't know how credible the International Library of Poetry is so, I dunno, but I have both the books that they are "published" in! And the one called Forever Love is the very first poem in the book it's in, yay! ;D Okay, so anyways, here ya go, enjoy (hopefully!) :D

The Storm (this was written some time in 1998, so I was 16 or 17)

In the distance I see the sun, but there are storms all about me. The wind is so strong that even the trees shake with fear. Lightning strikes through the sky. The sound of thunder is all I hear.
Tears fall from my eyes like rain from the heavens. My path is like that of the storm, unpredictable by man. I fall to my knees and praise my God in heaven for His love of me.

Forever Love (this was written October 2, 2003 so I was 21)

I struggle with these things, my mind refuses to comprehend. How long must I wait for you with open arms and empty hands? Forever I will love.
Mt glance goes unseen by you, this pain I will not mention. You overlook my dreams and so my threshold weakens. But forever I will love.
I see it in your eyes, you knew this pain all along. You have suffered just as I and shattered are these pieces for so long. Still forever I will love.
My dreams are now reality; this pain is now my passion. Our gaze is locked forever, as you are my unspoken treasure. And forever I will love.

I don't have a name for this one but it was written the same day as Forever Love.

I cannot cry though I know all of heaven feels my pain, as the sky opens up and rains down upon me. My heart is too weak to fight the pressure of this life, is there no one I can turn to, no place I can hide?
My heart is dead and my hands are empty, I have nothing to offer You. I am broken, fallen on my knees before You calling out, "Father forgive!" Please take this breath and life within me, replace it with You that I may live.
I will soar on the wings of dawn for You are the Song that my soul loves to sing. You sacrificed Yourself for one so unworthy, one so unclean and redeemed me from the death I so much deserve.
Your love is overwhelming, Your mercy and grace I do not understand. You are the Life giver, how can I stand before You? Nothing of me can I claim for myself, all that is me has come from You.
It is You I can turn to and in You I can hide for You are my Shelter, my God, and my Peace. I am but a lost and wandering sheep without You, so be always near me, O God, my God, amen.

I'm finding as I read through some of my old writings that I was a lot more creative a few years ago than I am now...I dunno what happened. I still feel the same passions towards writing as I did then but it doesn't come nearly as easily or as frequently as it did "back then", I know like I'm really that old! ;) Anyways, maybe one day I'll be a good writer, ha! Alright well, that's all I gots for now, so laters!