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Sunday, July 15, 2007


So I've been thinking a lot lately...I know, not the best idea for me...but as much as I HATE the idea of it, I'm actually trying to get into school. If I can get accepted I'll probably start in October of this year, working towards an English degree with maybe a minor in marketing. Not at all what I wanted to go to school for but unless I want to venture out on the German economy (which I'm not gonna do) it's the best choice I've got. Plus I figure, I like to write so why not learn how to write well (something I suck at), so I dunno, we'll see. I kinda feel like it's what I'm supposed to do and I'm terrified of doing it, just like everything else, but I'm being pushed in this direction and I can't fight it so what else can I do! No, James is not pushing me, nor is anyone else in my family, I believe God is the one pushing but I'm not really sure. If He is the one then hopefully I won't fail at it, that's a little comforting. It's still really scary for me though, I mean, it's taken me SEVEN years to finally get to this point! Anyhow, just thought I'd give anyone that still reads this a heads up as to what I've been up to and as always I'd appreciate your prayers on this matter, I'm REALLY gonna need them to keep my sanity trying to do this! Oh and the classes are only 8 weeks long which is nice, I don't like the whole drawn out semester dealio, way too long! Well that's all for now! Much love to you who read this! :)