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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Proud Moment

Okay, I'll readily admit that I'm not a suzyhomemaker, though some days I like to think of myself as one, I am definitely not one.  That being said I have to say I'm quiet proud of myself.  I tried making crock pot yogurt the other day and totally failed and am still not sure what I did wrong but it was like water...gross.  Determined to make my own yogurt I tried again the next day and kind of succeeded but it was still a little runny for my liking (I really LOVE the texture and creaminess of Greek yogurt).  So I thought I'd take a little bit of my runny regular yogurt and try my hand at making some Greek yogurt today and...I totally made Greek yogurt!!!!!!!!  It was a complete success!!!  AND it actually tastes good!!!  It's still not quite up to par with my favorite brand of Greek yogurt but it is close and I'll take what I can get so I don't have to spend the $$ on the kind I like for now.  I'm so proud of myself, maybe I shouldn't be but I so am! :)  Also I made some yummy red chili for the first time tonight, another win, yay!

Monday, March 19, 2012


So this is incomplete, as is most of my writing, but I thought I'd give you (whoever you may be) a taste of the randomness that flows through my brain.  I've got more to this scene, story or whatever it is but not typed yet so you'll just have to wait until I have another moment to write.  Also, I know I suck pretty bad at writing, grammar, being creative, etc. so if you feel the need to comment, please please PLEASE, be gentle.  Thanks!

I heard him groaning and looked over at him.  He was starting to stir after four days of being unconscious.  He sat up looking puzzled,
“Where are we?  What’s that sound?” 
“We’re in a cave near a lagoon with waterfall.  The river runs from here into your kingdom.  Do you remember anything that happened?” I asked.  He thought for a moment. 
“I remember my brother standing over me with his sword drawn and my wife was lying somewhere nearby, injured and the baby…” He groaned again and grabbed his left side.  “I guess he tried to stab me.” 
I cut him off, “No, Gavin, he did stab you and almost killed you.” 
“Yes.  I remember.  What happened to my wife?  Is she safe?  What of the baby?” 
“Your wife is alive.  And they believe the child is alive also, but.” I paused, not sure how much I should tell him.
“             What?” 
“I couldn’t heal your wife and save the baby…“ I took a deep breath and let it out, “and you.  I’m sorry.” 
He put his head in his hands.  “You chose to save me and not my child, why?”
I didn’t have the heart to tell him the child wasn’t his not so soon after what had happened to him.  His own brother betrayed him, slept with his wife conceiving a child with her, stabbed him and left him for dead just so that he could be the one to sit on the throne when their ailing father died, so I didn’t answer. 
He looked up at me, “Why?” There was anger in his voice now. 
“I cannot say.  Not yet.” He tried to stand.
“No, you mustn’t or you’ll tear the...” It was too late he was already bleeding as I rushed over to him.  “Here, lean on me.”  I helped him stand and we walked to the bank of the lagoon.  I sat him on a rock.  “Please, be still and sit while I get something to fix this with.”
He wouldn’t look at me but he stayed where I put him and for that I was thankful as I hurried back to the cave.  Even with all my skills as a healer, it took everything in me to keep him from dying let alone heal the gaping hole his brother’s sword left in him while also trying to heal his wife.  I found what I needed in my satchel and tore some cloth off my skirt to use to wash and wrap his wound.  I started out of the cave, his back was facing me.  His shoulders were broad, muscular.  I swallowed hard and continued toward him, stopping to wet the cloth from my skirt in the water.  He watched me now as I sat on my knees in front of him and wrung out the cloth.  Neither of us spoke.  I tried not to glance at him as I cleaned his wound and stopped the bleeding.  I could see him taking slow deep breaths to manage his pain.  I made an effort to be gentle as I put my hands over the gash but when I touched him a shock went through me and I jerked my hands away.  I looked up at him for the first time since I’d sat down in front of him, he was very handsome and it caught my breath.  He hadn’t moved, maybe he didn’t feel it, did I imagine that? 
“Everything alright?” he asked.  Shaking my head and avoiding his question, I put my hands back on his wound, “This may hurt.” 
I felt his stomach tense up before the healing force left me and went into him.  His breath quickened as did mine.  My hands were shaking, it’s working!  I saw his wound begin to heal and then it stopped.  I moved my hands away.  He looked down at me but I could only look at the hole still in his side.  He put his index finger in the gash, winced a little then chuckled to himself.
“That’s amazing!” he said still laughing.  I stared at him for a moment.  He seemed so pleased with what I’d managed to repair that I couldn’t help but smile a little. 
“I’m sorry I couldn’t heal it completely.” I looked down at my hands in my lap and fidgeted with a string from my torn skirt.
“Nonsense,” He stood slowly, looked up at the sky then closed his eyes. “Thank you, Cora.” He said as he put his hand down to help me up.  I grasped it and stood with him until he began sniffing the air.