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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Oh my how the time goes by

Hmmmm where to begin...
Last week (the 5th-9th) James had a week long field training thing he had to do. Basically he slept in a tent all week long out in the cold (and snow) and did Army stuff. He managed to survive and had some fun while there too and was home by 2pm or so that Friday. Seeing as how he was going to be gone all week I got a wild hair and decided to drive to Georgia to see my folks and possible my bro Jared and his future wife Heather. Well it turns out I got to see them all, which was very exciting 'cause I hadn't seen my dad or Heather in a long time. Don't get me wrong it was also great to see my mom and Jared. :-) It took me about 11 hours or so to get there which wasn't too bad. Mama made some good food (Chinese chicken, yummy) that was good for my tummy and Dad and I tried to figure out what exactly is wrong with my computer. He's never seen or heard of the symptoms that my computer has and gave me some stuff to try and fix it with. Of course 'cause my computer is being crazy right now none of it worked. My dad explains what we both think is wrong with it pretty well in a comment on my Computers! post. I believe it's pretty accurate and it's also funny (it has MPD, multiple personality disorder). It was a great visit, I only wish it could have been longer.

As I said before Jared and Heather came down from Chattanooga to see me also and the three of us ran some errands my last day there. The last one for the day was going to the mall so the two of them could register at Macy's. Tagging along for something like that might be boring for most but it was quite the treat for me, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and getting to watch them interact with each other. I'm thrilled that Heather is going to be a part of our family, I just hope she adjusts well to our craziness! ;-) To save myself some travel time I spent the night at Jared's place in Chattanooga and left early the next day.

The drive back to Maryland wasn't as easy as the drive down. I got all twisted and turned around a few different times and ended up taking more time to get back than I had anticipated. I was exhausted from not getting any sleep the night before and when I was about 30 miles or so from Aberdeen, MD I called my hubby and almost broke down in tears 'cause I didn't want to drive any more. I was a sad sight I'm sure, but it was good to come home to him and see him. His birthday was the following Sunday (the 11th) which we stretched out over 3 days 'cause we ended up doing the Gettysburg trip that Sunday. I think he enjoyed having a 3 day long birthday, I know I would!

And last but certainly not least, we have a new addition to the Jardin Family. James sister Krissie had her second child (another boy) this past Thursday. They named him Samuel Arthur Camealy and he's as cute as can be! As soon as I can figure out how to get pictures on this thing I'll post some of him and of the newest Leonard baby, Aiden. Anyways I believe Sam came out to be 8 pounds and 6 ounces or somewhere around there, Krissie please correct me if I'm wrong. From what I understand both mom and baby are doing well, as I'm sure husband and older brother are also. I can't wait to see baby Sam in person!

Okay so I'm not quite done...James and I are going to be spending the Christmas holiday with his parents, sister Seana and Grandpa Jardin. We'll head off to Warner Robins, GA on Tuesday, then on the 23rd head to South Carolina to spend Christmas with Grandpa and head back to Maryland on the 26th. It will be a short visit seeing as two of those days are travel days but we are looking forward to seeing everyone and getting to spend some time with them over the holidays. Well in case I don't get a chance to say this on Christmas... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! And safe travels to anyone who may be traveling, enjoy the holidays and be safe!

Narnia ROCKED! Go see it!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Sometimes, I'm sure like most people, I really hate computers, mine in particular! It's been acting really strange and kinda makes me think it's sick or something like that. Settings change in folders that shouldn't change on their own, things disappear, my internet doesn't work for more than a few minutes, you know, stuff like that. Oh well, hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to my dad about that soon. He's great with computers and also has the patience to help me out over the phone! What a good guy! Not a task for some 'cause I'm not to computer savvy, but I'm sort of learning with all the problems mine's been giving me over the last few months. I hope to one day be able to figure this stuff out on my own. Sad that I don't even know that much about my computer that I've had for 4 years....

Anyways, James and one of his classmates and myself were planning a trip to see some of Gettysburg today but the military has again spoiled our fun. Though we were mainly going for James and his classmate since they have a report to do on it at some point. I still wanted to go 'cause I've never been there before so why not, right? Well, they (James class) has some sort of check today @ 11am to make sure they have all that they need for their week long outdoor field training they are doing next week. James thought it was supposed to happen Sunday but apparently someone from his class decided it wasn't important for him to know that it was today and not tomorrow so he's scrambling to get his gear together. There are some things about the military that really just don't make much since to me, their logic is screwy on occasion. Don't get me wrong I'm glad we have it and all and I admire greatly those that are willing and want to serve our country 'cause it's something I know I couldn't do but it really does bug me how it works sometimes. Oh well, nothing I can do about that! :-P Sorry, I guess this was more of a rant than a I expected it to be...