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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


And now the post everyone has been waiting for!! We are in Germany, well we've actually been here since Feb 10th as I'm sure you all know. Alright, so where do I begin....

Well I'll just start by saying I drive by a castle everyday or at least whenever I go on base which is just about everyday! It's pretty run down as far as I can tell, James and I haven't been up to see it yet but we are working our way there. We are still trying to get settled into our new home. We've been in our house since 1 March and we got everything unpacked but not everything has a home yet 'cause there are NO closets!! But we have a basement with two rooms and a wash room so we've been storing our stuff that doesn't work here (some of our 110 voltage stuff) and other random things that we had in closets stateside, down there. Aside from that our home is pretty nice, it's a lot bigger than the place we had in Mississippi. There are 3 floors (including the basement), with 3 bedrooms upstairs on the top floor, the main floor holds the kitchen with TONS of cabinet space which is rare in Germany I hear and the living/dining room. And as I said before the basement with 2 rooms and the wash room where our tiny German washer and dryer live.

The plane ride here was not so good. I felt nauseous pretty much the whole 9 hours of the flight and couldn't wait to get off the plane when we landed! James was my hero, the meal they served us on the plane was really nasty so he went and ganked some peanuts for me so I could have something to eat and then one of the flight attendants brought me more later which was good.

It's very different living here, I'm sure that's a no brainer but I didn't realize how different it would be until we got here. If you want to drive anywhere in Germany you have to have your stateside license AND a German license. But then if you want to drive anywhere outside of Germany you have to have both of those plus an international drivers license! That's a lot of licenses! Also, everything closes really early here. Say it's 8pm and you haven't had dinner yet and you look in the pantry for something to eat but what you really want isn't there. You could drive all the way out to the base to get whatever it was or you could go to your local town grocery store, but the town store would be closed. I think they close at like 5pm or something, at least in most towns that seems to be about when things close, except restaurants, which is kinda nice.

One thing a really love about where we live is the bakery that is within walking distance of our home! And it's SOOO good! I'm glad our house has stairs otherwise I'd end up being 300 lbs! MMM yummies for Leah! I had to buy a German cook book so I could learn how to make all the goodies that we get from the bakery, I haven't tried to make anything yet but I'll let you know how it goes!

Last but not least, we have no home phone or internet service as of yet. Hopefully we'll get that hooked up soon. That's part of why it's taken me so long to get back to posting 'cause we have to go to the library to do all our internet stuff right now, which I hate! But oh well. I also don't like that I can't really talk to my family that often. I mean we have cell phones but they work way differently here than they do in the states and it's costly to use. Soon, that will all be fixed, I hope anyways! :-P Aight, that's all I gots for now! Don't know when the next post will be so keep checking back! Love you all!