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Friday, April 13, 2012


OMGosh!!!!!!  I am on FIRE with writing in the last 24+ hours!!!  It feels SO good to write again and it makes me so happy to get this crap outa my head, heehee! :-D  Will post more a little later, maybe even tomorrow depending on how the rest of my day goes...the boys didn't take their afternoon nap so it could make for a very fussy next few hours...but YAY for writing!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Randomness Continued

Oh boy, here we go again with my terrible writing, yay!  So it clearly takes me awhile to write anything, but especially "creative" things and I was stuck on one part of this which is why it took so long for me to post it here.  Part of the problem I have is that I see these scenes or whatever you want to call them as movie scenes rather than in novel form so it makes it difficult (for me) to give a lot of details on things like the environment.  For instance, the lagoon that Cora and Gavin are at is really beautiful in my head but trying to explain it out in my writing it just doesn't translate.  Also, I've been "seeing" more to the back story on these two which has been kinda fun so I'll see if I can hash some of that out at some point so that what I've put here will make a little more sense.  Not that it really matters cuz no one reads this blog anymore, haha! :-P  That's okay, it feels good to be writing again, whether anyone reads it or not! :-D  Enjoy?!

“Is that me?” He asked with his nose turned up.  I laughed.
“Yes, I’m afraid so.  You have been unconscious for four days and I certainly wasn’t going to assume it was okay for me to bathe you.” I said holding back a smile. 
He frowned and started walking towards the lagoon.  I went back to the cave and grabbed the bar of soap I kept in my satchel and followed after him figuring he might want to do more than just splash water on himself.  He was removing his shirt and half way in the water when I got there.  I stopped short as he pulled his shirt off and I saw his upper body.  It was like his muscles had been carved onto him, he was statuesque and I couldn’t help but admire him.  He cleared his throat when he saw I was standing there gaping at him.  I blushed and sheepishly continued forward into the water until I was standing about a foot or so from him.
“Here, I thought you might like to actually bathe.”  I avoided eye contact as I broke the bar in two and handed him half.  “I thought I’d wash our clothes and maybe bathe too, over there.” I pointed to a place across the lagoon hidden behind some boulders. “You’ll have some privacy and so will I.”  My eyes kept wandering back to his chest as I spoke which made it hard to concentrate on much else.  I looked up at him when he took his half of the soap.  Then something strange took place.  I flung my arms around his neck and kissed him.  His muscular arms folded around me crushed my body to his as he continued to kiss me softly then with more zeal.  Time passed slowly and held us in this embrace and I longed for more.   A shiver went down my spine.
“Are you okay?”  I heard him speak but it took me a minute to realize what had occurred and even then I wasn’t so sure.  I stared at him for a while longer before I could catch my breath enough to speak.
“Yes, I’m fine.” I faked an awkward smile.  “I’m just going to go wash up now.” I grabbed his shirt that was floating nearby and hurriedly made my way across the lagoon.
“Thanks for the soap!” He shouted to me as I practically ran from him. 
When I reached the other side of the lagoon I leaned my back up against one of the boulders that blocked my view of this burly man and let out a long sigh.  What was that?  I closed my eyes playing the scene over again in my head trying to make sense of it.  Opening my eyes I decided to let it go, sighed again and removed the outer part of my dress to wash it, leaving my underskirt on incase Gavin were to venture over here.
I had just finished washing our clothes and was starting to clean myself when I heard Gavin approach.  I slipped the straps of my underskirt back over my shoulders and looked behind me.  He was smiling.  As he walked to me I turned to face him, one of his arms was stretched out towards my head.
“You have something,” he picked at my hair, “some twigs in your hair.”  He chuckled.  Immediately my hands flew up to my head to check if there was more debris hanging out up there, thankfully there wasn’t.  How embarrassing. 
“Thanks.”  I smiled.  He stepped closer then stopped.
“I, um, I just wanted to give you back your soap.” He said as he awkwardly handed me his broken half.
“Oh, right, of course.” I laughed quietly trying my best to avoid exploring his body with my eyes.  I gave him his clean shirt he smiled in thanks and headed back toward the cave. 
“I’m going back to start a fire for us.  The weather will be cold tonight.” He called over his shoulder as he left.  I stood there puzzled as to how he knew this since it had been quite warm the last few days and nights.  I didn’t follow after him right away like I wanted to, I thought it best to give myself time apart from him so there weren’t any more visions or whatever it was.  Instead I took a leisurely swim around the lagoon.  When I thought enough time had passed I made my way back to the cavern.